The Kota Family in - Essie wants to be Baptised.

Essie: At school today they were talking about Baptism. Am I Baptised?

Sophie: Er, um, your Dad's baptised Catholic.

Essie: Yeah but what about me?

Sophie: Well Essie, um, no you aren't baptised.

Essie: Can you baptise me then Dad?

Essie imagines the kitchen sink might be just the place.

Tom: No, I can't baptise you. We will need to talk about that a little further and we will probably need to contact the church.

Sophie: Isn't it too late? I thought only babies could be baptised?

Tom: I don't know. How about I call the Catholic Church up the road tomorrow?

If you have any questions about Baptism, the best people to talk to are at your parish. We can help you find your nearest parish.